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Snyder Family Recipe Book Front Cover Po
Family Recipe Book

This project is a collection of recipes made by my grandmother that have become staples in our homes. It includes photos, stories, and notes that preserve the memories these foods have brought to our family. The book was made for my grandmother, family, and friends. 

To understand the layout and elements of a good recipe book, I looked at a variety of professional and self published recipe and cook books. 

full scale images and coloured text example


section title page

a community organization cook book 


example of integrating personal photos

Synder Family Recipes_Info-03.png

The intended audience of this book is family and friends. It was important to convey a sense of nostalgia and warmth, to reflect the sentimentality of the book's content. 

Synder Family Recipes_Info-02.png

The scripted type face was chosen as an allusion to hand written recipe cards. A simple serif font was chosen for the main recipe text for a classic look and legibility. Futura was chosen because it is a simple sans serif font that contrasts the other two type faces and allows for the reader to distinguish between different types of content.

Synder Family Recipes_Info-04.png
Synder Family Recipes_Info-01.png

Cover Design and Symbolism

The use of a serif font creates a classic look for the cover of the recipe book. The decorative outline frames the graphics and creates structure. To make it represent my family, I used a pattern found on a Pyrex dish owned by my grandma to develop the floral design. In addition, hidden in the flowers is the Mennonite Church Dove Symbol. 

Snyder Family Recipe Book Front Cover Po
Snyder Family Recipes_Inside Cover_Image
Snyder Family Recipes_ToC_Image.png
Snyder Family Recipes_Soup Section Sprea
Snyder Family Recipes_Sample Recipe_Pizz
Snyder Family Recipes_Sample Recipe_Muff
Snyder Family Recipes_Sample Recipe_Rhub
Snyder Family Recipes_Empty Recipe Cards
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