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Canadian Women in Sports

Exhibit Design Project

Intro to Exhibit Design



Design an exhibit from research to final design for a given topic and space

1 Semester


Group Project

6 members


Research Phase

  • 4 Weeks

  • The Big Idea message

  • Mood boards, ambiance and emotional experiences

  • Description and analysis of exhibit space

Concept Generation

  • 4 Weeks

  • Create 3 concept designs

  • Focus on traffic flow, ambiance, and visitor engagement 

  • 1 concept chosen to further develop

Final Design and Model

  • 4 Weeks

  • Build a ½” scale model of the exhibit

  • Include 2D and 3D components and interactive elements

Target Visitors

Children, Parents/Guardians, and Teachers

Excited Children in Science Class


The primary visitors are elementary school children. They are do not have prior knowledge of the topics 

Teacher & Student


The secondary visitors are people such as parents and teachers. They are visiting for the benefit of their child

Look and Feel

mood concept.PNG
Exhb Concept-01.jpg

Big Idea

Canadian female athletes overcoming barriers to achieve their goals and empower others

Floor Plan

final_concept_floorplan both floors-02.p

Historical Timeline

A brief history of Canadian women in sports 
Darker colours and a more serious tone

Visitor Engagement

The Race

A wheel chair racing game giving visitors a new perspective on disability and sports

Smithsonian IPOP engagement type: Ideas, Physical, People


Skill Building

Reminding visitrs about the importance of training and practice in sports.

Smithsonian IPOP engagement type: Ideas, Physical, Objects

Test Your Knowledge

An opportunity to reflect on the timeline of events on the top floor in an engaging way

Smithsonian IPOP engagement type: Ideas, People


Inspiration Room

As visitors are leaving they can share what sports mean to them

Smithsonian IPOP engagement type: Ideas 

Media Moment

Visitors can have their photo taken in front of these life sized photos. Great for social media engagement.

Smithsonian IPOP engagement type: Physical


Model Building Process

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