Baby Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer

Third Year Studio


12 weeks



This product must provide a safe and effective method for heating and sterilizing a baby bottle on the go.

Key Issues

Through an analysis of existing products,  the common problems were identified

User Testing

Different handle designs were tested to determine the best interaction with the product

The major interaction with the product, removing and replacing the lid on the base of the warmer, was tested by ten design students.

To simulate a real life scenario, participants were asked to hold a weighted baby doll. Participants were then instructed to remove the lid, insert the baby bottle into the base, and place the lid back on top. They repeated this for all three lids both standing and sitting because the product is intended to be used while on the go.

user testing prototypes.jpg

Testing Session

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Form Exploration

Variations on the form of the handle were developed to create a more friendly look and feel using thumbnail and 1:1 sketches

Final Ideation SKetches.png

Model Making Process

A machine lathe was used to create the general form. A drill press was then used to create the inset for the dial.

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A template was used to create a symmetrical curve along the base.

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Details were added by hand with sandpaper and hand files.

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The base was painted with a base coat.

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The top of the model was airbrushed glossy white then sectioned off. Matte blue paint was airbrushed on to the bottom of the model.

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The lid was printed using an SLA resin based 3D printer. Support material was removed and the piece was sanded to create a translucent finish.

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susu use cycle full-02.png

Digital Interface

The interface informs user what setting they have chosen, the timer, and temperature of the warmer

interface baby bottle.jpg
Baby Bottle General Arangement.jpg